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Campana Polo


Campana polo is run by Jane Ingleby and Miguel Ayala, based in Berkshire. Jane has worked for various different teams over the past 10 years mainly Les Lions for 6 years. She has also got a small breeding operation in Scotland, Tinx who won at the Windsor show is part of that program.


Miguel is a 3 goal pro, who has played in Argentina since he was 12, he has been coming over to England since 2008 as well playing polo internationally. He specialises in re-schooling and starting young horses, two of the horses he started in Argentina are both now playing over 18 goals. He is a member of Berkshire Polo Club for 2015.


Both spend 6 months during the summer in the UK and then move to Argentina for the winter. We have a range of horses for sale in both countries.



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